Huda Kattan: Biography, Career, Life Story, Husband

Huda Kattan: Biography, Career, Life Story, Husband

Huda Kattan: Biography, Career, Life Story, Husband

Beauty guru Huda Kattan is the person behind the number-one-blog in Middle East named ‘Huda Beauty’. Started as beauty blogger and run the YouTube channel, her name became massively known and listed in the top 20 beauty bloggers around the world. Huda is the mastermind of cosmetics mega brand Huda Beauty.

Born in Oklahoma, on October 2, 1983, Huda grew up in Iraqi family as the middle child. She spent her childhood in Tennessee and Boston with four siblings (Alya, Mona, Halida, and Khalid). Her first experience with makeup was when the 14-year-old Huda sculpted her sister’s eyebrows. She studied finance at University of Michigan where she met her now-husband for the first time. After graduating, she found that she was not really happy working in finance job. She decided to learn makeup professionally at the well-known Joe Blasco makeup school which led her having career in beauty industry. 

In 2010, she began blogging and soon became popular with her beauty hacks. Unexpectedly, the blog was getting much attention, acknowledged as the number-one blog in the Middle East. The success followed by Huda’s beauty vlog which soon attracted the worldwide viewers. By June 2017, she got 1.8 million subscribers. Through YouTube, she provided beauty and fashion hacks, including the famous “Why Shaving Your Face is Awesome!”. She also got more than to 20 million followers in the Instagram.

Her experience in finance brought her to launch her own Dubai-based-beauty-line, Huda Beauty in 2013. It began with the difficulties she had when looking for false lashes she wanted and then decided to make her own. The product was successfully accepted in the beauty market, became best-seller in the Middle East and hugely popular around the world. The false lashes was also featured by the top celebrity Kim Kardashian. With the help from her family, Huda expanded the business to eye shadow and other cosmetic products. Huda Beauty is well-known for its versatility which provides around 200 products for beauty enthusiasts and stocked in beyond 1500 stores.

Huda is listed by Forbes as one of America’s Self-Made Women 2020 with net worth around $510M. Besides being an entrepreneur and beauty influencer, Huda is a mother of one daughter who actively speaking about the importance of having self-love. Her experience about struggling with self-confidence in the past made her raised the child with body-positivity and realizing her own true beauty. Using her platform, Huda also encourages her followers to be change-makers. She also donated $500,000 to support the #BlackLivesMatter and actively involved in gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives.

Bio & Profile

Full name: Huda Kattan

Stage name: Huda Beauty

Nickname: Huda

Born: October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma, America

Nationality: Iraqi, American

Religion: Islam

Profession: Makeup artist, beauty blogger, businesswoman

Education: University of Michigan–Dearborn

Hobbies: Traveling and shopping

Parents: Ibrahim Kattan (Father) and Susu Al Qazzaz (Mother)

Sibling: Alya Kattan, Mona Kattan, Khalid Kattan

Husband: Chris Gonçalo

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